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Here is a list of the top content made with unity for the week of June 18, 2020. This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post on twitter and tag us @gamedevhq! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!

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Exploring the Red Sails’ desert Sailboat by Leonardo Montes@LeonardoMntes

Have finally finished animation recorder to keep a library of simulated plants by Florisium@florisium

These are 7 customized in-game Gunships by Rodol Phito@rivalrebelsgame

Cozy, Zelda-inspired adventure Weaving Tides is now LIVE on #Kickstarter by Weaving Tides@FollowFeathers. Link is below

The hatching is aligned with the sun direction and its mapped to screen space and offset by the object’s origin by Abotics Game Dev@AboticsG

VanillainShortcake@vanillai_ just adores pink

Hair graph by Sakura Rabbit@Sakura_Rabbiter

A cloud of 20 million vibrating strings by RubenFro@Ruben_Fro

Stress Test = Stress Relief. 1,000 rocks to test wheels collisions, 300 Barrels to test SoftMesh stability, and 12 Cars to test chaos by Studio Tatsu@StudioTatsu

Plasma arrows have never sounded cooler by Project Sky@ProjectSky_Game

Changed the dash so it’s based on where you’re looking by Ethan@imaenith

Some high-level plays from our community tourney by SBT@SuperBuckyBall

New camera angles with more contextual hits and animations by Ryan Kamins@lowpoly

Let players upgrade the shopping cart with spikes or saw blades by RJ@RJdoesVR

Pixelated chunky ice is the best ice by Neurobew@Neurobew

A bit more animation from a game by Abandoned Sheep@_AbandonedSheep and yes, it features a cat hacking a computer

You found a Secret by Science Pixel Games@TheSciencePixel

DevilishGames@devilishgames asks why you still don’t have #Onirike on your Steam wishlist? Link is below:

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