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Here is a list of the top content made with unity for the week of May 7, 2020. This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post on twitter and tag us @gamedevhq! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!

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Stop time in a parkour FPS game by LHN@LowHangingCoin

NPCs can jump now. I hope they are satisfied by MetalCore@MetalCo21006302

Use the terrain’s splat map to spawn grass by Harry Speech balloon@HarryAlisavakis

Neon Tail – an open world roller skating game by RocketJuiceGames@RocketJuiceGame

Mesh animations baked from #Houdini in Alembic files by Gil Damoiseaux@Gaxil

Some rain ripple/drip vfx by Lester Tusi@lestertusi

Simulating generations of pine trees by Thijs van den Berg@Thijs_vd_Berg

Added point light support to the water shader by Alexander Ameye@alexanderameye

Generating some grass based on vertex color by Jón Kristinsson@jonkristinsson

Jetstream Sam didn’t go hard enough by Steel Caliber Slayer@CultureAttack

Shooter with destructible environment and low-poly graphics by Igrek Games@IgrekGames

Open world Fruit Adventure by B-Cubed Labs@BcubedLabs

The slugs have placed several traps by Clid The Snail@BelugaWeird

New intros for Spirit Sprint by Delta Reality@DeltaReality

Cartoon ice attack by Sakura Rabbit@Sakura_Rabbiter

Wondering what we do with all the broken robots by Unspottable Game@UnspottableGame

Everybody had a neighbor like this by Stas Shostak@StasShostak

First test of pickable fish by Mola: Fish of the Sun@MolaMolaGame

Still fighting this galaxy war by Thyrian Defenders@Thyriagame
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Added Magic Attacks to the Raven NPC by Crumbling World@DumeArts

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