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Here is a list of the top content made with unity for the week of March 5, 2020. This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post on twitter and tag us @gamedevhq! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!

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When you’ve playtested your own game a gazillion times by sappzo@sappzo

Horde mode work by Mad Streets@DennisCraftshop

3d Flocking by Wenzy@ziyangwen

Goopy fluids and terrain deformation with compute shaders by Eric Urban@Lub_Blub

Wavey The Rocket is coming to Steam on MAY 7TH, 2020 by UpperRoom Games@UpperRoomGames
Come visit for more info!

Added invisible chem-trails by Psycho Bob@PsychoBobGame

Wandering through the echoes of chants and the rhythmic drums of an underground club by RubenFro@Ruben_Fro

The Vegetation Engine for #Unity3d is 50% OFF by BOXOPHOBIC@BOXOPHOBIC
Link is below:

Fire magic circle by Vladyslav Horobets@HovlStudio

Time progression by ENIGMA@THE_ENIGMA_CORP

Get KUNAI now on PC & Switch by TurtleBlaze@TurtleBlaze

The Phalanx APC’s mid-legs morph into dual anti-infantry cannons by Project Sky@ProjectSky_Game

Heard y’all like cloth physics by Marty Walker@alrightmarty

Growth on mesh surfaces by Jason Webb@jasonwebb

Experimenting with portals recently by Sebastian Lague@SebastianLague

The final, earth-like planet for Exo One by Exo One@JayWeston

Test 412 Floating particles by Wenzy@ziyangwen

Gates Generator by Alexey Kalinin@_alexeykalinin

Procedural Ice Wall Update by The King’s Thieves@TheKingsThieve1

Playing with Unity HDRP and VFX by Doxia Studio@DoxiaStudio

Time-lapse feature added in The Bonfire 2. Now you can view your settlement growing by Xigma Games@xigmagames

When you try spitting against the wind by Redcatpig Studio@redcatpig

New Outerskirt Village by Epic Conquest@GacoGames

Sailor moon inspiration by Alex Strook@AlexStrook

Preparing Shiba to be a complete IK-Boy by Shiba@My_Shiba_

Climbing level by HornedKnight@KnightHorned

When something just appears suddenly from outside of your screen by Retrograde Arena@RetrogradeArena

Working on shadows for #DriftOn by SPokDev@spokdeveloper

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